She didn’t survive to make everyone feels comfortable

Part II

I spent yesterday night watchin’ this video, again and again, I couldn’t get over it. I was looking for some interesting blogs randomly and then I found this poignant video.

I was chocked, horrified and very touched by this speech. I don’t know what to say, she already said everything. This girl is the nightmare of all the parents who killed their children and of course all the doctors who made it possible, I’m not going to use some smooth words here because this is not how it works in my world.

She was supposed to be dead but she is not, this girl is a baby who fought to stay alive only 7 months and a half after conception, subhanallah (God is great), this is what it inspires me first. This baby survived to humans cruelty, she grew up to stand up in front of humanity and speak in the name of all the babies that have been murdered since the beginning of humanity. That’s scary ! I am not a parent who tries the abortion, I’m not a doctor who already made it, I’m not Gianna Jessen but I feel so chocked and so scared of what humanity has become and I can’t imagine how all the guilty people would feel while watching this, if they ever have the courage to watch it ’till the end.

I loved her speech about the absence of values and morality in our societies today. The media, hollywood and this scaring system have set the rules of the world today and also set the rules of  how our life should be. They define what’s good and what’s wrong and they are very great at making some great values look like « has been or old stuff for losers » and then make some horror and disrespectful life styles look like « fashion and the standard that everyone should follow ».

Consequently, if you’re virgin at 17 it’s a shame and if you have a baby at 17 you can make abortion and keep living like nothing happened, ’cause it’s normal and everybody does it. So, while watching a TV show, we look at this young couple going to see the doctor for abortion, the director of the show put some sad song, so we feel some condolence toward these parents and we start thinking that they are very brave for doing this, killing a baby. A society with no responsibilities, this is our world today, because some people believe that freedom means no rules, but they’re wrong.

Women’s rights today is the freedom to be a whore  and to kill  babies you have with strangers, or when you’re drunk or just having sex for fun with friends or… because you don’t feel ready to have a baby yet… Responsibility? Is it a new social network? or a new apple’s product? ’cause we’ve never heard of ! Excuse me but life doesn’t belong to you, life only belongs to God. I loved  when she said that God will take care of all these babies, but you’re the one who will suffer forever.

There is a justice in this world, I’ve never worried about that. I felt sorry when I realized that some people hated this video, I don’t know how this could be possible but I feel like some people are just living in a dream that is deeper that I thought, it won’t be easy to wake them up.

While watching this video, you can feel the subjectivity of Gianna, she’s still a child 🙂 and I understand that, how could she not be a child ?! Everything she says is subjective but still true. We’re all subjective anyway, we try to give a sense to our existence and I think that we’re all looking for a peace of mind. I feel like she did found it and that’s the only thing that matters, I think.

We’re living in a world where abortion is somebody’s passion, Gianna said that there is a battle between life and death, I say that the world was always a battle between good and evil and I think that it never was as obvious as today.

Sometimes I feel like we’ve lost everything, we became more arrogant, just because we’re alive since a long time ago (in reference to our scale of time of course) we use to believe that the world belongs to us and our arrogance reaches its height when we start believing that God doesn’t exist, or when some people hate him or insult him.

I believed for a long time that we can live our life without choosing a side but I’ve just realized that I was wrong. Life is beautiful, the world is magic and amazing but we’re not.

What a weird world huh ?

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