Something’s gotta stop the flow

My favourite scene for sure.

There are so many things we think about each others, so many thoughts we keep unsaid but I can hear them.

I can hear them thinking that I’m impolite or too rebel because I don’t help them at the housework at home, but they say nothing because I give them money in the beginning of each month, and specially the last one I gave them more than usual, so they keep quiet. If I don’t help that much in the housework it’s only because they don’t ask me to.

I can hear her laughing like a monster while she’s smiling like a mom. She’s addicted to money and all her thoughts are about how she can make more money and how her life would be if she was young and rich. Her life today is made of regrets of the bad choices she made when she was younger… Her mind is full of « what if… »

I can hear him crying sometimes, but he loves us so much and we’re the best thing that happened in his life, we’re all he’s got.

I could hear his whispers in my ears every time I talked to him, I could feel his lips every time I understood him, I liked our sensual dances and when I looked into his eyes I could see the lies all the time…

I didn’t hear his thoughts while we were walking in these narrow alleys, he is my story teller and I love these moments I spend in the comfortable red sofa he offered me.

These are my suspicions and I might be wrong.

I dreamed of The Samuraï last night, we were friends again and I was satisfied. Things were back to normal. I’d love to talk to him again, I think I miss him. I miss a lot of people suddenly.

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