The beat of the world


I just read an interview with Jeremy Make who played Jacob the blind pathfinder in Ink, I rarely look for more informations about a movie or the actors after watching it, but this one is exceptional.

Acting can be a very interresting job where you can practice a lot of meditation about yourself and the world. I wish I was an actress so I could dream all the time and practice my passion which is to live many lives.

The more you speak to people, the more you lose yourself. The more I speak to people the more I feel bored and don’t know what to do. The more I speak to people, the less I dream and I need to fly to feel alive.

I think that most people look into your eyes when they want to concentrate on what you’re saying, I never do that, I always need to walk away to concentrate on what you’re saying and people think I’m dreaming or I’m shy and that I’m not concentrated but they’re wrong. Some people need to speak loudly to make it clear, everytime I speak I just get more lost, I only find my way in silence. There isn’t enough words to express the whole world which is inside of us. I think that I’ve found myself long time ago but I thought that growing up means to become like everybody else, so I tried to become one of them and now I know that I was wrong, I won’t say that it was a waste of time, it was an experience I had to make to be more sure about who I am.

I think that most people need each other so they can survive, as far as I’m concerned, it’s the complete opposite. I only like to talk to people when I need a break, so I come down on earth, I talk, I laugh with people and I eat some chocolate before I go back to « work », to « my life ».

I’m always looking for people I can talk to when I’m working, but they are very few and paradoxically I can’t keep them next to me for a long time. It seems like it’s natural… I think I understand.

These are the people I’m missing today.

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