We’re all the same, begging for some attention

Shiny toy guns

I feel tired, I don’t like the winter or the autumn, I don’t like it when it’s cold and i feel sick. I’m already missing the sun, he took my good mood with him.

I feel empty and saturated at the same time, I’m happy and indifferent, maybe I’m too happy.

Or maybe I’m just tired.

I have decided to stop writing, I mean writing some personal stuff, I feel lost when I do so, so I will stop. It’s a bad sign, I know. Will I ever grow up (again) ? I think I won’t and I will die as a kid or a teen lost in her own mind. Is it bad ? I feel like I need some help, a kind of a life coach or something. Is it what we call a psychologist ? Hummm, but I don’t know if it’s the right person to talk to, I’d rather it to be a monk in Himalaya or anywhere else in the world on the top of a mountain.

I need some space. Again.

I finally followed my heart, and that’s what makes me feel that I don’t grow up, I feel like there is some misunderstanding here. I know what my problem is, I’m the queen of the drama ! I’m a dramatic girl, I always make a big deal of everything and I can’t help it, really, I try to be more realist but I just can’t. I have a big imagination, big dreams, big passions, but I also feel sometimes that some stories are so sad even if they are not, and I feel so sad or so angry while maybe I shouldn’t…

Anyway, I feel better now. Thank youuu !

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