The lost of innocence… maybe tomorrow !

I was checkin’ my facebook homepage (again!) and I read « Your goal in life can’t be « to retire » » written by Paulo Coelho. I’m not a particular fan but he says some wise things pretty often. And then I thought this is a sign ! Or maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s time to start thinking before doing, ’cause I usually do and then think… yeah, it’s not really useful most of the time.

Yesterday I had a conversation with a contact on facebook (ya, I’m kind of facebooking all the time) and we talked about the reason and the feelings, he said that we should use only our reason if we want to see things clearly, while I said that it is impossible to separate reason from feelings when we’re thinking or speaking or anything. Man is made of emotions and they influence us all the time, they influence our thoughts, they influence our faiths and our decisions, I mean our feelings are who we are right ? What’s a man without feelings ? Anything but a man, in my opinion ! Reason and feelings are both necessary in every situation.

Good, now I have a problem ! I am not able to make a decision ’cause my reason and my feelings can’t find a compromise ! I’ve always used to follow my feelings automatically, without thinking, I used to follow my heart and I’ve always thought that it was good, that it was the right thing to do (thank you hollywood)… but I have to admit that life taught me some kind of different lessons like I shouldn’t follow my heart blindly. Actually I can see now that I was acting like a bird who jumps from the tree for the first time, thinking that it would fly « naturally » and everytime the bird falls down and gets hurt. Now, I feel like I’m starting to find the balance in my flight. It’s also like when I’m trying to find balance in some postures in Bikram Yoga’s lessons, the first time I tried to make difficult moves from the first try and the result was that I couldn’t finish all the 90 minutes of the first lesson, then I learned to do it step by step, and guess what, it worked ! I was able to make some moves I wasn’t able to do some days ago, it was great !

So, now I think that I will stop following my heart blindly and learn how to follow my heart with my eyes wide open. I will stop dreaming so artlessly, well I will maybe do it sometimes secretly haha ! Seriously, it’s time to grow up girl ! There is nothing to be afraid of I promise, you will feel better if you take your time to do it in the right way.

OK, so you’re not talking to that boy ! haha it’s always about a man or a woman or God, and tonight I think that these three « things » only matters, and friends of course, and family and children. David Icke says « Love is the only truth, everything else is illusion », I love to believe him most of the time.

Few minutes later…

I talked to him. I’m not ready for all this blabla yet ! Well, I was worried ! Still naïve huh ? I’ll do my best next time, I guess ! Right ?

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4 commentaires pour The lost of innocence… maybe tomorrow !

  1. nikki04 dit :


    We are told to « follow our hearts », but I know in mine that it doesn’t work that well on it’s own. I need to check in with the rest of me, and, sometimes far more importantly, with the people who love me. Often, their a better litmus test for matters of my heart than I am.

    Because we are blinded by love. No doubt about it.

    The bottom line is this: No one should make you want to hide yourself or your feelings. No one should make you feel like you can’t say what you think, or feel, or want, or need. If you can’t tell them these things, if you can’t ask questions or require answers… your heart needs a reality check.

    Love the photos here!

  2. 🙂 Thanks for your comment, I really felt good readin’ it and I totally agree with you.

  3. Zaina dit :

    I’m considering reading your blog after the midterms week 🙂 you seem very interesting,glad I’d discovered you !
    keep on,don’t you stop 🙂

  4. =) thank you Zaina. I didn’t write here since a long time… I will write here soon I guess. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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