May I never lose my innocence or become stupid


Music : Making me clean by Esther O\’Connor (featuring Sam West)

I’m usually attracted by the complicated guys, I guess I feel useful with them, and I like them because they are more sensitive than the other men and they are very smart.

I love the autistic children and I would love to work in an association of autism.

This is in theory, but in real life it’s more complicated, of course. And when I want something so much, it’s always a mess, specially if I’m too happy and excited, I always do it the wrong way.

Few years ago, I would have felt guilty, but not anymore (thank God, I’ve learned something from my life !). I’m just learning how to deal with these kind of people, how to keep a certain distance toward some misunderstood situations. I think that we shouldn’t get too involved with them, or you’ll lose your nerve very quickly.

After my last experience, I also learned that people are just people… I mean, the guys I fall in love with, are just like any human being, they are not that special, or that perfect… I used to be so blind when I liked someone  but this won’t happen anymore.

I finally understand the wisedom of my last relationship ! And I’m not angry anymore, I get it !!! BIG SMIIIIILE of great satisfaction and peace of mind !

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