Give me boots & boys !

Excuse me but I just fall in love with Ke$ha, yeah I know, I should feel ashamed for discoverin’ her so late and for loving her commercial music. I didn’t like her music when I heard it at the first time, but when I watched this video, I was hypnotized and obsessed by her !

Maybe she’s insane and I think that our spirits are half insane/wild and half good/wise and when I listen to her I totally feel that I’m on the first side ! and I don’t feel that it’s a bad thing, I totally enjoy it ! I feel like I could dance on this music forever and I really can’t get enough and it’s great ! Yesterday night I danced on this music almost naked while it was cold out there and in my bedroom but I danced so much that I was too hot ! and I didn’t feel this good since a veeeryyy looong tiiiime !!! really !!!

When I watch this video I feel like Ke$ha and I have a lot in common :

  1. we’re both women with a wild animal inside of us, you can see it in our eyes if you look at them at the right moment… 00.24
  2. She does bad things when she’s drunk at night even if she knows that she will regret it in the morning, while I do bad things when I’m totally sober even if I know that I will regret it later, but I do them because I know that I will feel good at the moment and sometimes have so much fun, no matter how much it will coast me…
  3. I feel like I’m a freak and I think that I know a lot of freaks, I love freaks. I love freaks only.
  4. There’s a hole in my world and it’s free for all ! people turn me on when they take it off and open their worlds !
  5. I love the mix between the evil side of the song (dark night, wild animals…) and the colors in the video, the good mood and the glitter on the floor ! This is really how my world looks like !
  6. Lose your mind, lose it now… I keep askin’ that, inside of me.


L'oeil unique de l'anté-christ dont Satan prépare l'arrivée...


Well, this was my personal interpretation of the song. Now here is the real meaning of these lyrics, they are lyrics of the devil :

  1. There is a place downtown (the hell is known to be underground) where the freaks all come around (the freaks mean the devils, and this is where they are, in hell, downtown…)
  2. it’s a hole in the wall (I’m sure it has it’s explanation, but I can’t tell…), it’s a dirty free for all (the devil is attracted by the dirt, and we keep hearing this word these days, « dirty » is used in many expressions which are related to sex, whores, and many very bad things... etc. and it says it’s a dirty free for all, the devil is inviting people to join him in hell and he keep saying that it’s free for all, since a veeeeery loooooong tiiiiiiime)
  3. when the dark of the night comes around, that’s the time that the animal comes alive looking for something wild (the devils are much more present at night than in the morning or in the afternoon, so here the devil says that when the night comes around, that’s the time that the devils comes alive looking for something wild, which I guess means that the devil is looking for the wild side in everyone of us, and this is why it’s at night when there is most dirty sex, people get drunk, girls get raped, people let the devil in them get alive more easily…)
  4. and they turn me on when they take it off (the devil feels strong when people take off their clothes, and when they lose their mind !!!)
  5. Everybody take it off, take it off, take it off (the evils keeps asking that, and he repeats it a lot, so you will take it off without even thinking about it !!!)
  6. There’s a place I know if you’re looking for a show, where they go hardcore and there’s glitter on the floor (I think that it’s obvious, it represents very well all the places and the businesses where people go hardcore but the devil puts a lot of glitter on the floor so it will look very shiny and very attractive and beautiful, so people will love it, get addicted to it, and think it’s beautiful… such as fashion, hollywood world, friends fuck… etc.)
  7. Lose your mind, lose it now, lose your clothes, in the crowd, we’re delirious, tear it down till the sun comes back around (the devil asks us to lose our mind, and to lose it now, the devil is giving us orders, he asks us to lose our clothes, to be delirious… till the sun comes back around.)


Toujours le symbole de Satan présent partout...


And suddenly I see things more clearly, God is with us in the morning and in the afternoon, He keeps the devils away from us, and when the night comes the devils are more many and this is why Allah asks us to spend the night praying as much as we can… There is no stronger way to fight them !!!!!!


But everything will disappear in the end and only ALLAH will last forever !


I have already said it before, but I will repeat it WE ARE IN WAR, this is THE war we’re living everyday, every time, I will repeat it ’cause the devil keeps repeating his messages without never getting tired or giving up, so there is no reason for us « the believers » to give up !

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